Friday, April 23, 2010

Book update

I'm still trying to plow my way through the Arthur Conan Doyle biography. I'm not even 100 pages in and he's just reached his early 20s and his career as a physician. Honestly, I'm kinda bored. The biographer has that typical stodgy biographer voice, reciting fact after fact and pointing out where this or that influenced the Sherlock Holmes stories. Since the title of the book is "The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes", I figured there would be a lot of linkage to Doyle's personal history, but I'd really hoped the book would start with the Holmes stories and work out from there to reveal Doyle. That would have been different and potentially interesting.

But, no. Stodgy, droning biographer drones stodgily on. I'm giving it about 50 more pages to see if things pick up (since we've already covered all the Doyle ancestors and have gotten to the point just before his penning of the Holmes stories). Then I'll decide if I want to keep spending time in this droning book.

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