Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Not-So-Stellar Week

Allergies are completely kicking my ass. I think I pulled a muscle in my chest sneezing. I've even run a fever, although there is no sign of infection. I feel like the Atlantic is trying to fill my head.

LaGuz, our Kitty of Perpetual Worry, is limping badly on her rear right leg. We don't know why. She's eating (as much as she ever eats), drinking water, and when she wants to go somewhere, she just gets up and goes, although it is so painful to watch her that we carry her around until we figure out what she wanted (Potty? Water? Food? A different place to lay?) We are both concerned that she's coming to the end of her life and we just aren't paying attention, but she still wants to eat treats, she still shows occasional interest in playing, she still wants to be pet and snuggled, and she enjoys looking out the window -- totally normal cat stuff. So...on we go. I have this dread of going to look for her one morning and finding a little feline corpse.

Still no word on the job, so we've done nothing to the house as yet. We talk about it and think about it, but until we know if we are staying or going, we can't act. The Husband is churning through his last few weeks of school, hovering in that limbo land -- knowing the school has him scheduled to teach two classes next fall but not having a contract, wondering how we will survive over the summer, attending department meetings like a member of the faculty without actually being a member -- it's crazy making because it could all go up in a puff of dreams in a second with the magic words "We can't offer you a contract" are said.

And what if the other two positions he's applied for don't come around either? He hasn't found a lot of other potential positions. They would all mean moving somewhere else, too.

I'm waiting for the NiQuil to kick in so I can breathe. As soon as I can breathe, I intend to pass out.


Becs said...

Phoebe says hello to LaGuz. And Katy has arthur-itis in her front paws, so sympathizes about the rheumatiz.

Lazygal said...

So sorry! My Gang are hoping for the best for LaGuz...