Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I Find

Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

No, seriously. The place is in Germany, but they ship to the US. And they offer all KINDS of stuff to put in milk, white, or dark chocolate.

B&N has a new eBook lending system in beta. (scroll down and look on the right side of the list of features)

Ok, now that is interesting. It isn't restricted to books for the Nook, either. Not being able to lend eBooks has been one of the arguments against them. This system works kind of like a print book -- aka you can't read it while it's on loan.

Alexa Meade Paints People

I mean she paints people -- those are people with paint on them. Click on the pictures in her portfolio, then run your cursor over the pop up picture until the "next" button appears on the right so you can see different views. Coolest Thing!


Jammies said...

Posting the chocri link takes you past "evil" and into "malevolent."

Sherri said...

...says the bath product enabler...

Jammies said...

So this is your twisted revenge?

*writhes in fundless agony*

Sherri said...

Just think of it as the place to design your perfect birthday present :)

Jammies said...

Or your sweet revenge!

Little Kenny said...

That last one kinda creeps me out. Not the finished pieces, but the ones where you can see they are real people. Oddly disturbing. Neat, but disturbing.

info said...

Hi Sherri,
This is Carmen from chocri. Thanks so much for pointing us out - we are humbled.