Thursday, March 04, 2010

Shiny New Thing

My new Dell Studio 16 finally arrived. I am now

1) loading software
2) figuring out this Windows 7 stuff
3) being annoyed at all the computer's offers to "help" me
4) admiring the shiny newness

The old and faithful Chaos will be cleaned inside and out, and then it will wing its way north to Ohio to become the living room companion of my dearest Jammies, so she can (as I do) watch TV while mindlessly surfing the net. Who knows? We might get her on Twitter yet ;)

More raptures and rants later.


Jammies said...

No Twitter!

But thank you and I lurb you muchly. Happy belated Dellday!

Sherri said...

Oh 'eck, Twitter is fun and easier to manage than Yahoo Chat. No one knows you are there, yet you can see what EVERYONE is saying.