Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Interesting Book Review

I've just read a rather dazzling review of a book.

Mrs. Adams in Winter

I don't read nearly the amount of biography that I should, probably because it's hard for an author to make a biography as interesting as fiction. However, using historical facts as the basis for a novel has appeal to me.

Historians have generally passed quickly over Louisa Adams. She is known as the somewhat unhappy, somewhat difficult wife of the sixth President (and daughter-in-law of the second). In the enormous files of the Adams family papers repose many of her unpublished writings -- plays, poems, memoirs, and, almost unnoticed until now, two brief accounts of her remarkable journey in 1815, alone except for servants and her eight-year old son, from Saint Petersburg, Russia, to Paris, there to meet her waiting husband. From these, the English historian Michael O’Brien has fashioned an irresistible adventure story and a brilliant portrait of Louisa Adams that ought to rescue her for good from half exotic obscurity.

So I think I'll add this one to my list of "To Be Read" books ... if I ever get through some of the books already THERE...

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