Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Can't Even Imagine How To Title This Post

Sometimes great minds come up with solutions to problems you didn't realize could, should, or would be solved.

Case in point.

Discreet Odor Neutralizer Pads

I love the brand name.

And this.

Kush™ Bosom Sleep Support

It's a tit pillow. Never have I ever, ever considered needing a special pillow for my boobs. I haven't thought about it in any context whatsoever. I'm simply floored.

And it could only look more suggestive if it had a foreskin. I SAY NO!


mkhall said...

The Kush, at least has been around for a while. Still, I have to wonder about the different sizes available. Some of you more gifted ladies will need a bigger pillow.

Nina May said...

My word. And I always considered boobs to be their own built-in pillows. How wrong I was.

Jammies said...

The charcoal liners have also been around for a bit, but that's the best brand name I've seen.

And I don't need a pillow for my boobs, I need rebar. :(

Sherri said...

I'm going to pay far closer attention to these innocent little catalogs I get, I'll tell you that much.

plantfood said...

I think you'd need a smaller pillow for larger breasts because this thing wouldn't fit between them. Seriously, my boobs are tender, this looks like it would hurt!

Scott said...

I once saw underwear with built-in charcoal filters.

Isn't there a bird that has a call sort of like, "Titpillow! Titpillow!"?