Monday, March 01, 2010

April is the Cruelest Month, But March Ain't No Pushover

A Numbered List (because there's a gizmo and I can)

  1. The Husband is returned from his job-hunting jaunt. Now we wait to see if there will be a second interview and a possible offer. Neither of us are wishing hard for it -- he has doubts about the job and we both have doubts about the move. We have friends in Arizona, of course, who would love us to move there. We have friends in lots of places who want us to move closer.
  2. We have yet to hear back about our offer for the townhouse. Our offer ends this month, but there must be time for closing, so in reality we have about 10 days. If we do not buy this place, we must be out of it by August. Where we will be going is the problem.
  3. Very few places will rent to people who own pets. A damn small percentage of those will rent to someone who owns 6 cats, 3 goldfish, and a bird with a screaming fetish.
  4. We both admitted last night that we have fallen a little in love with the old house in Anderson. The price on that house has dropped again, but it needs a LOT of work. Refurbishing it could be a money pit. It could also be a fantastic investment and a wonderful place to live.
  5. IF The Husband gets a job at Clemson, which is also up in the air right now.
  6. We are still waiting for the university in Toronto to repost the listing they didn't fill last year. I've harangued The Husband about his "want to wait for X" reasoning, because that's why he missed applying for the position when it was still up. Academia creaks very slow. It seems like you must apply for a job before they even know they have a position.
  7. Why do I want to stay in South Carolina? Well, the area here is lovely. I mean the mountains, the parks, the waterfalls -- I really love those parts. Other parts of SC don't thrill me as much.
  8. I'm starting to pack up stuff in the house, just little bits here and there. I mean, depending on what happens in March and April, we could have to move in May. We could be staying until August. I don't know. I'm packing up little stuff.
I'm a little rocky on the emotional front, as it happens. It seems most anything that speaks of the past -- my past -- can get me tearing up and make my heart clench. Or maybe it's just the dragging end of winter, although this was a very sunny winter. Or something else is happening as an extra goodie for turning 45. I don' t know.

We watched Star Trek last night, followed up by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and as I watchd DeForest Kelly and James Doohan, I got teary for missing them. Seeing how old Leonard Nimoy looks makes me fear his loss, too. Why do I take it so personally? I grew up with these people in my head and in my imagination, forming a center of my thought and conversation. They don't know me at all, and I don't really know them as people, but the characters they embodied are important to me. The new versions aren't the same, and they can never be, as much as I may enjoy watching them. It is odd in one way and quite understandable in another.

I'm glad we bought more Kleenex at Costco, as I expect I will need it in March.


Becs said...

I was listening to Pandora Radio this morning and it played a lot of George Harrison songs. I kept thinking, poor George..poor George. I don't want to think about it when Pau - no. He's never going to die. Never, never, never. Ever.

And dear Lord, please let me be in the cold, cold ground a very long time before Hugh Jackman dies.

Becs said...

PS - Women have such romances with houses, don't we? It seems like to men, they're just places to live but to us, they have a soul. Saving one makes you feel so virtuous. I nearly bought a house with a ball room. I nearly bought a house in Chelsea. (England. London.) Sigh...

Canuck Girl said...

I am hoping that the job in Toronto pans selfish motives involved at all.

Love you