Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Interesting Book

My list of books to read grows always.

Burying Bones: Pearl Buck's Life in China
By Hilary Spurling

Elaine Showalter

How does a woman overcome the suffocating messages of her culture to become an artist? In Burying the Bones, Hilary Spurling unearths the creative roots of the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Pearl Buck (1892-1973). Spurling points out that, although Buck's most famous novel, The Good Earth, is still in print, the author is 'virtually forgotten. She has no place in feminist mythology, and her novels have been effectively eliminated from the American literary map.' Boldly conceived and magnificently written, Burying the Bones should repair Buck's literary fortunes and restore her to the pantheon of feminist heroines.

I've not read any Pearl Buck, although I have (I think) a copy of The Good Earth in my pile of good intentions.

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