Sunday, February 07, 2010

True Love

The Husband and I have a long standing habit of watching the same DVDs over and over again. We take turns.

So, we have seen the A&E production of Pride and Prejudice many times. We had the set first on VHS and now on DVD. I'd estimate we have easily watched it 70 to 90 times, perhaps even 100 times (I know we have watched it through -- all 6 hours -- three times since the beginning of the year). When I came downstairs this morning, he had it playing.

The Husband still talks back to it. He warns Elizabeth not to believe Wickham. He sighs with relief that Mrs. Bennett diverts Mr. Collins away from Jane (who would, we agree, have accepted his proposal of marriage out of duty and a spirit of martyrdom). He bemoans Mr. Bennett's indolence, rolls his eyes at Lydia's "wild behavior" and warns him not to let her go to Brighton. He will do this even if I am not in the room.

This is why I love him.


the queen said...

Not to the same degree, but Gary has been known to voluntarily watch P&P. I'll have to see if I can coax him to talk back.

Glennis said...

Is this where I will be shunned for saying I have never watched it?

Sherri said...

Glennis -- No shunning, but I think you can stream it from Netflix ;) It is great for sleepless nights.

Queen M -- The Husband also talks back to commercials, which is occasionally hilarious.

Jay said...

if the commercials would just LISTEN, they'd be more successful! *hmph*

Little Kenny said...

Yeah they don't listen to me either Jay.