Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things I Don't Need, Won't Buy, But Still Very Much Want

I ordered a few small items from X-treme Geek last week (a wallet for holding SD cards, since they are proliferating, and a little cleaning kit for the slots into which those cards go -- grand total with shipping $12. Woo!) They send along their catalog, which of course I must study carefully because I always find Things I Didn't Know Existed But Now Want.

Like this little number.

Ok, so I don't own a dog, but I do have a cat who is too lazy to poop in the litter box (I just saw her walk into the bathroom this minute, oh save me) . This little wonder
"chill(s) animal waste to -62°F, creating an outer "crust" that makes the unpleasant "grab and bag" a little more tolerable."
And I need something to make cleaning poop off the floor more tolerable. Cat poop is specified as one of the poops that can be frozen. I may have to order myself some Poop Freeze.

Then there's this goodie. I can so picture Caliban in this. The very thought makes me giggle in a very disturbing way. That's never good. Actually, though, Bea is the cardboard box enthusiast in our house. She would dig her way through the armor in short order.

It just gets better and better, though. I want this and this and this and this other thing and some of these. I won't buy them (at least, not now) but I WANT them. I want them very, very much, because, of course, my life is not complete unless I have new stuff to pet and dust.


Scott said...

Poop freezing will take the country by storm!

Jammies said...

Hey, you wouldn't have to dust the fish trainer. Thanks for the Christmas ideas! }:->