Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's True Love.

I have not watched episodic, fictional TV since about 1993. The last show I followed with any regularity was Northern Exposure, and I did not see its last season. I've recounted before, I think, how I am cursed with television shows. In short, if I enjoy a television show and watch it during its first run, it stands a strong change of being canceled. It will at least wobble, bobble, and threaten to fall over. If I stop watching soon enough, it could rally, but it isn't likely (only ST:NextGen and B5 survived).

So, in the summer of 2008 when I saw the first promos for a new TV show starring Timothy Hutton, I thought it looked interesting, but I knew that if I watched it, it would be canceled. I set the DVR to record it, but waited to watch and then didn't watch, and deleted the episodes. I didn't want to fall in love with the show only to see it cancelled.

That's when I saw Laura Anne Gilman on Twitter talking about it. When I met her at DragonCon that September, she persuaded me that the show was so great I should really watch it -- especially since it had been picked up for a second season already. So, I rented it from Netflix. I watched the first few episodes and HAD to buy the whole season DVD set.

The show is Leverage. If you haven't seen it, you need to get yourself to iTunes or Netflix and watch. It's competency porn, my friends -- smart people doing smart things in ways both funny and moving. It's well written, well directed, well acted -- Tim Hutton doesn't have an Oscar for nothing, you know -- and generally well done. And it is yet more than just that. It's a show about which I am as avid as I was ever avid about Star Trek. This show has multiple layers. It is created by geeky type people and has geeky type features -- in jokes, long running story arcs, developing yet mysterious characters, fascinating tech, cool tricky cons, and shades of grey. It opens itself up for much discussion, which is about the biggest compliment I can give a TV show.

Once I knew it was picked up for a third season, I decided I would watch the broadcasts. I didn't want to wait for a whole year to see the second season. As it happened (it being on cable), they split the season, so I recorded the first half and have watched the second in broadcast. I'm now waiting anxiously for the season finale tomorrow night. I know I will scream at some point. I've got all the signs of having a bad, bad addiction:

  1. I've watched Season 1 at least 18 times -- 4 times with the commentary tracks on (best commentary tracks EVER).
  2. I joined two discussion areas (John Rogers, writer and exec producer, has a blog where he discusses things Leverage and answers questions) and happily geek out with other fans.
  3. I follow the show on Twitter via the actors and producers.
  4. I wish so very hard that I could attend Con-Con.
  5. I even bought the sound track album (the music for the show is so great).
  6. I'd love for them to put together a book about the show, from its conception and influences to how they did particular stunts and effects.
  7. I'm waiting for the Season 2 DVDs to come out so I can geek all over those episodes.
*sigh* So, here's hoping that I've done my time with the curse. I won't push it. I want this show to have a good, long run and to end in a proper, dignified fashion.


Solonor Rasreth said...

This is only one of a handful of shows that I watch regularly. The others being Psych and Bones (now that Dollhouse and Better Off Ted have gone buh-bye).

Becs said...

I have gone through "Leverage" on Netflix and love it.

Last night, I watched the pilot of "Journeyman." It may be worth watching.

But the hero on J-man is nothing compared to those wonderful men on Leverage.

I think I'm genetically related to Parker.