Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here We Go Again

The Husband jets off tonight for Arizona and a job interview. It's just hopping with If Bunnies. The company is in the last stages of researching a new, revolutionary product and is poised to expand into production. That means they don't actually have "positions". They are hiring "talent" that can work together, and it will all shake out as it shakes out.

Upside? Bottom floor of a very promising company. The Husband would be in position to have a job that grows (and will pay well). The company is big on education and locations near big universities, so there's a chance The Husband could go for his PhD if he wanted.

Downside? Neither of us want to live in Arizona. I don't care how great it is. It is HOT, it is DRY, and it has GIANT BUGS. I had HOT and GIANT BUGS in Florida. That's why we don't want to go back to Florida. On top of that, the company is looking to build a factory in South Carolina, so we could move to Arizona and then have to move BACK to South Carolina in a year or so.

We don't like this idea very much. We've both figured out that moving isn't a huge thrill for us, because we like our stuff. We MISS all the stuff we have packed in storage right now. We want a house where we can have all our stuff, where we can roam around and pet it. I daydream now about the kitchen I want (with a good refrigerator, counter space, storage space, a PANTRY...Oh, be still, my heart) and having a room for my bookshelves and desk (I miss my books and I REALLY miss my desk). The Husband is even talking about having a desk of his own and a table where he can draw.

But, it is still 2 months until graduation. There will me (there MUST be) more job interviews. He might be hired at the university, too. If Bunnies are hopping around everywhere.


Scott said...

Arizona's a long way away. Yes, it's hot (so I've heard since I've never been there), but it's a dry heat. There's no alligators either, which is either a plus or a minus depending on your thoughts about alligators.

Sherri said...

But there are scorpions. Big, sneaky scorpions. I have this on good authority. And, honestly, dry is not a selling point to me.

Becs said...

And brown recluse spiders! And snakes! No! Arizo-no!

Jammies said...

Arizona has Koe, which is good.

Arizona is farther from Jammies, which is bad.

If Bunnies are nasty, fanged little monsters.

Little Kenny said...

I like Arizona.