Monday, February 15, 2010

Hearts and Flowers and Books

Valentine's Day passed in relative quiet around the homestead. The Husband did the perfect romantic thing -- he got me a beautiful card and a cute little stuffed dog with a stuffed heart pillow. He cooked every meal. We watched romantic movies (LadyHawke is a romantic movie. Shut up.) He was cuddly and sweet and everything I love.

In short, he earned points. More than once.

I think we are recovered from our Night on the Snowless Highway. The snow melted off the next day except in a few shady places. By now there are only random, lonely patches of ice. I don't know for certain. I've had no inclination to leave the house.

I'm working on rebuilding my book catalog. I've always been a bit obsessive about my books -- what books I've read, what books I have, what I don't have and want. I have a nice software package with a bar code reader, but my old database made before the move was apparently eaten when my hard drive was attacked by a virus last year. This isn't a crisis so much as just a mild irritation. I found an old backup, but it isn't a complete record. Oh Well.

What really irritates me is that I lost my Goodreads catalog. I'd downloaded it before I closed my account, but apparently I didn't do something right. I saw the file and opened it, but it didn't save properly (or at all). Again, Oh Well. I have a print out of it from over the summer, so I haven't lost THAT much -- just the books I read since summer. I can reconstruct most of that from memory and other sources.

Of course, the real cataloging will take place when we move into a house where I can have a library. I can't exactly explain it, but I dream of once more having my books arranged all around me (NOT packed in boxes, with most in a storage room). I anticipate having walls of shelves with labels on the shelves an all my books arrayed according to my own strange scheme. My schemes change over the years, but one thing remains steady -- I prefer my mass market paperbacks to be separate from trades and hardbacks. This creates problems because I have authors printed in various formats. However, I suspect that when I have plenty of shelf space, I'll get over this. I'll have everything in alphabetical order by author, and shelves divided by general subjects. I'll also have a computer catalog, a record of books I've read and books I want to read and books I've purged.

This is my little dream, and The Husband has promised it will be so. He'll even build the shelves.

He'll get big points for that.


Scott said...

I used to dream of having loads and loads of bookshelves so I could be completely surrounded by books. Actually, I have quite a few shelves jam-packed with books right now, but what I mostly dream about these days is a clutter free life. I suppose I've been watching Hoarders too much.

Also, my word verification thingy is "balshrog" which sounds like something from a fantasy story. Maybe someone's name or a disease or something.

Jay said...

We must acquire well paying, career growing, self-worth enhancing employment for me so that I can fulfill that promise :)