Monday, February 08, 2010

Delayed Gratification

The Husband and I have some other favorite movies. Among these are certain of the Pixar wonderfulnesses -- Ratatouille, Cars, and The Incredibles. Oh, we have others -- A Bug's Life, and Monsters, Inc. -- but those three are our favorites and we watch them frequently, happily analyzing them and discussing them and whatever else movie geeks do with movies.

Over the holidays, our friend Joezer brought his copy of Up. I'd hesitated about seeing it. You see, I cried during Cars (yes, I did. Twice). I got a little bit weepy during Ratatouille, too (the scene where Remy first runs away and them comes back to Linquine). I really don't like to have my emotions played by a movie. But, Joezer raved about Up and I'd heard all kinds of good things, so we watched it.

The Husband and I were a teary, snotty mess before it was over, sitting on the love seat and hugging each other. Joezer, who had seen the movie a few times, sat with his own box of Kleenex. Oh, this movie hit every single button I had. I laughed, too -- trust me, the movie has some hilarious spots -- but mostly I cried or recovered from crying in time to have the tears start up again. Some were happy tears, some were sad tears, I even cried a little from laughing so much, but, man o MAN I cried.

So, the Husband and I debated long about adding this one to our collection. Seriously, did we want a movie that guaranteed we would cry? (I should point out we do NOT have Bambi or Dumbo in our Disney collection, because they make me cry.) But, while wandering WalMart yesterday, we picked it up. It was such a good movie that we knew we had to own it.

We have not watched it yet. We don't have enough Kleenex.


JoeZer said...

I know you probably hate me and love me at the same time for exposing you and the Husband to UP. But, deep down, I knew you both would love and appreciate the artistry in the visuals and storytelling.

May you always be replete in Kleenex...


Sherri said...

Don't hate you, Joezer. You hug too good.

Becs said...

Oh, no. Oh, not the Dumbo. One of the cruelest things Xman ever did to me (unwittingly this time) was to play "Dumbo" when my mother was in the hospital, in a coma. I didn't cry. I got hysterical and it took 12 hours before I could speak again.

And Katie over at Overflowing Brain said it made her cry like crazy ("Up", that is). So no. No "Up for me. It's too down.

Sherri said...

Will. Never. Watch. Dumbo. Again.