Saturday, January 16, 2010

Food, Glorious Food

Can't leave all that depression sitting there too long.

These days, The Husband and I are trying to fulfill some of the things we say we want to do. First on the list -- eat better. We are both overweight now (me more than him, the swine). I have time, so now we are agreed -- we can eat anything we want, as long as we make it ourselves.

No, seriously. If we want French Fries or Pizza, it's great, but we have to make it from scratch -- no short cuts, and no ordering out. Restaurant eating is now reserved for two occasions -- being on the road for long distances, or eating at places that make Special Stuff. If I want chocolate cake, I bake one from scratch, with flour and eggs and all that. We shop the grocery store around the outside aisles first, where the vegies, dairy, meat, and bakery are, and only get into the center aisles for specific things (oil, noodles, stocks, frozen vegies).

So far, we've managed to follow this rule fairly closely. We've discovered some yummy stuff -- Brussel Sprouts are far more edible when cut in half and sauted in a pan with a little chicken stock and some onions and garlic (they didn't even need butter). We're making lots of soups and stews -- we even bought a new, fancy crock pot. We are even USING that new, fancy crock pot. Seriously, since purchase in November, it's been used at least once each week. I'm getting a subscription to Cook's Illustrated. I'm making my own recipe book.

Will this promote weight loss? Not sure, but we are eating better food. That's got to count for something. Less salt, less sugar, less hidden unpronounceable stuff. Oh, we eat fatty foods, but we're still pickier about them. We are big fans of cheese -- we can't go near the Cheese section at Whole Foods -- but we are applying Very High Standards to fancy cheese. Otherwise, we are sticking to Velveeta (don't scream, there are reasons).

And I have discovered what a shallot is. I have a new Emeril cook book.

In short, I'm turning into a foodie.

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