Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm Alive

But I think this blog is dead. Or maybe it's just resting. Or I'm going through another of my phases. I can never tell until it's over.

Ok, the bullet list of Things Happening To Me:

1) Found a chiropractor at last. Xrays demonstrate my spine is basically sliding off my pelvis. This hurts. We are fixing. Not being in pain is nice.

2) Same day, chiropractor discovers my blood pressure is sky high. Also, I suspect I have a sinus infection. Make appointment at the university clinic.

3) University clinic - yes, hypertension. Why? We don't know. Testing. Also, yes on the sinus infection, although I do indeed have sinuses that look all allergic. They had a picture so I'd know what allergic sinuses look like. Meds.

4) Same day. My car needs a 30,000 mile service. Oh, and two new tires. Oh, and two more new tires.

5) Next day. The credit card we were planning to use to buy the tires has had the credit limit cut by 75%. Without notice. We scramble.

6) I'm behind on my whole editing/proofing gig. Reading bad fiction saps my will to live.

7) The townhome we are renting, that is on the verge of foreclosure and on which we have made a shortsale offer, is still up in the air. We wait. Week after week we wait.

8) Trip to West Virginia for Thanksgiving. Fun time, long drive. Long, long drive.

9)Improving back. Blood pressure is weight related -- heart is good, cholesterol good (can be better, but is not horrible). Being (expensively) tested for allergies.

10) Head is everywhere and no where. Concentration is for shit (like that is so unusual). Don't feel like doing what I did, don't feel like talking to people, don't feel like much of anything.

Friends around me are in various dire straits, I am bothered that I can't help, and I feel like I'm swimming hard to keep my head above water, but at least I am swimming. Husband is coming to the end of the semester and as much as he complains about how stressed he is and how short his time is, it doesn't stop him from making more commitments and spending even more time at school. In general, I feel very done with things right now. The great experiment has almost run its course. Can it be over soon?

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