Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hey, Another Post!

Still not much going on, but rather than my usual whining, I thought I'd just report on my life.

I'm on hiatus from Goodreads, the place online that centered my life for the last 2 years. I don't know why. I have good friends there, people about whom I care, but right now I can't work up any interest in being there. I feel like I'm repeating myself, just trodding a circular rut . Oh, I'm not shutting down my account (this time!) but I don't feel anything pulling me there. I don't know why. It happened suddenly. I suspect it will go away just as suddenly.

I've been enjoying the wonders of Netflix lately, especially streaming video. The Husband and I watched the first episode of Dead Like Me last night. I'm debating watching the Dexter series, although the first 15 minutes of the first episode did bother me a bit. I've read the first three books. I can read stuff in a book that will bother me like hell in a movie or TV show. I guess it's that I can control stuff in translating it from text to imagination -- sometimes I don't let myself picture things. I just read words. I saw the latest book in the series a the store today. It was a hardback -- a sign of success for Lindsey, although, really, I thought the third book was pretty weak -- so I skipped it. I traded away the earlier books, so I'll look for an e-version. I did pick up a couple of other books (Hey, I was at B&N -- that story later) -- an autobiography on Leslie Caron, and a bio on Ayn Rand that I read about a few weeks ago.

I haven't read a book in weeks, so feeling like reading something is positive.

Anyway, this week started with adventures. The therapy for my back has taken a back slide. Last Friday I tripped or slipped or stepped funny and my hip and back started stabbing me at odd moments. I went to the chiropractor on Monday (three times a week for a bit) and told him. He did his thing. I left and drove The Husband to GSP (airport) for his trip to Florida to work for Bosszilla for a few days. I dropped him off and started back.

I'd left my purse with my cell in the back seat and the phone rang. I won't answer my cell in the car while I'm driving if I don't have my headset, and I didn't have my headset. It kept ringing and ringing, so I found a place to pull off the highway. It was The Husband. His flight was canceled. Come get him. I had to drive him to Charlotte to pick up his connection. Yay.

I went back. Oh, no, he said, Charlotte was the place socked in with fog. No flights at all going in or out. So, we went home. Not a big deal, he moved his flights to Tuesday, it would be fine.

I was sitting down on the couch as I often do, with one leg tucked under me (I seem to be always sitting with one or both legs tucked up somewhere). My back/hip slammed me with pain so hard that I actually got dizzy -- I mean, the whole ear buzzing, vision swimming thing. It dialed down after a few minutes, and after an hour with the heating pad had mellowed considerably. I still could feel it at bedtime, though, and had to be careful how I turned over.

So, this morning, we hauled ourselves out of bed early (for us) and got on the road to GSP again. On the way, The Husband called to check his flight. First, they said "delayed". Well, it takes about an hour to drive to GSP, and between the time we left and the time we got near Greenville, the flight went from "delayed" to "canceled". However, Charlotte expected to have the connecting flight to be on time.

We drove to Charlotte. After some roaming around trying to find the airport (no sign! I swear, no sign at all!) I dropped him off and drove back. After 4 hours in the car, I wanted to stop at B&N. I needed some more Christmas cards, you see. No, really, I did. And I even remembered to get them after I'd bought my books and started for the door.

So, now I'm settling down for a couple of days on my own. The Husband will be home on Friday. Next Wednesday we drive back to Florida to spend Christmas with MIL. I haven't been to Florida in over a year now. We come back on Sunday, and the following week will be The Great Paper Chase -- clearing files, shredding, cleaning things, and preparing for the new year.

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