Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not Angry

Thanks for the encouraging words, one and all. Time to push the anger in the past.

After a little running around and screaming, my wonderful group of women settled down. The site where we hosted our group jumped on fixing the programming problem. By the end of the day, it was repaired and we decided to regroup.

RAT is has also expressed a desire to *ahem* move on from the incident. There was much eye rolling. I suspect RAT had a chance to review things and perhaps consider the RAT component in the event.

Regardless, we are once again happy in our little club house -- a bit scared, a bit scarred, but determined to continue as we were with one small change -- code names for people about whom we wish to bitch. Seems a reasonable precaution.

In other news, The Husband is in Chicago and I am very jealous. Of course, he's attending/working a show for school, but he's still had hours to roam the city and visit with a friend. He has a LOAD of photos (I've seen some and they are great), plus a book for me and some goodies from Vosges. Sometimes we toy with the idea of living around the Chicago area, but we are both from The South and have a hard time imagining the kind of money we'd have to make to afford it, much less how we would survive the Arctic cold of winter. Still, it makes for a nice day dream.

I have to get off the computer somehow, but it feels like cutting off an air line. I have things I must do that can't get done with a laptop.

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