Monday, September 07, 2009

DragonCon 2009 Post-con report

Returned once more from a short DragonCon visit. I need to go into training for next year. I am tired. And sore -- many many stairs.

I did even less than last year. We did dress up in costumes for a few hours on Saturday, but it was just too warm. We met up with friends, but the whirl of activity makes it hard to really have good conversation.

Highlights of the weekend --

  • getting Ruth Thompson to sign my computer (the Mini, with a skin based on one of her pieces). She was tickled to see it, as she had not seen any of the skins 'in the wild'. Best of all, she remembers us! I get such a kick when someone I admire remembers who the hell I am. We sat in her booth talking to her, her sister, and her assistant for a good hour.
  • Getting my very own Richard the Necromancer USB drive. I geeked out happily for a good two hours. Looking for Group is a comic that has taken me some time to really enjoy -- I'm still working my way through the archives -- but now that I get it, I love it. I also like the guys at BlindFerret -- they were great fun to talk to at the booth. The Husband got a stuffie plush Richard AND got it signed.
  • Meeting Laura Anne Gilman and getting three books signed. I'd had occasional chances to chat with her via Twitter, and I read her Live journal, both of which were big reasons I wanted to meet her and why I bought her books. I am now addicted to the Retrievers. She herself is a lovely goofball, and I mean that in the best, most complimentary way.
No celebrity sightings, despite the fact that Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Adam Savage were all there. The lines to even get into the room were daunting, and as it's very hard to get The Husband to go to any panels or talks (despite the fact that he usually enjoys them when he's there, he's convinced it's much more fun to run around, struggling through the crowds, taking half-baked phone photos of costumes. We differ on this markedly, but since I tire so fast (and didn't have car keys with me, in case I wanted to ditch him and go back to the hotel) I did what he wanted, or I sat somewhere while he did his thing. Time was when I would search the schedule and map out a plan of action. I need to do that if we go next year. It was much more fun. The costumes are great and all, but they just aren't that big a thrill.

Also caught up with a few friends not seen in some years, which was surprising and good. Last year we had trouble catching up with anyone, much less people we didn't know would be there.

Also, next year I will wear better shoes and remember my knee braces.

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