Friday, July 17, 2009

Tra veling

Ohio is lovely. We got here last Friday, Ophelia along with us (and riding like the Diva she is, on either a pillow in the passenger's lap or on her own little bed in the back seat. Since then, it seems like a constant state of motion (well, there was one day spent entirely in PJs). Drove to Chicago Tuesday night, met with the Fabulous Michael Guy on Wednesday, drove back Thursday, and today is with more friends in the Cleveland area.

I'll detail this more (with much gossip about the Fabulous Mr. Guy) later. Right now I'm enjoying a couple of hours of downtime before the next social whirl. Tomorrow will be a Just with Jammies day and we leave on Sunday for the drive back. It's been so much fun -- so much to see, so much to talk about -- that I will need some time to sort and digest.

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