Friday, June 05, 2009

More Fish Tales

Because, really, how can I resist that for a post title?

The new tank is set up and running -- two small filter pumps instead of a single larger one, so we can maintain environment between filter changes. Two aerators (bubbles! Fishies like bubbles!) We bought a base, too, because that's a lot of water (8lbs per gal x 20 gal = whoa that would be bad if the old baker's rack broke one day) Already the water is clearer than it was all of last week. The fish seem really excited, too -- they can swim without bumping the walls. Chemical balance improves at each check.

So, once we get the tank balanced, it's just feeding fishies twice a day (very little food, but goldfish are eternally hungry and eventually learn to spot you and start begging), change the filters every 2-3 weeks (takes almost 3 minutes!!) and clean the tank every month or so. Wee!

Still debating a forth fish, maybe another fantail. *sigh*

Ethel really likes the new tank, though.

Ophelia is back to about as normal as she ever was. She's stopped sneezing, is very interested in food, climbs onto what she wants to climb onto (or pulls the poor poor pitiful kitty act when she wants a free ride) and snores when she sleeps.

She's having problem with her right back leg but that's ongoing, and I'm really wondering if it COULD be that she damaged a muscle or six during one of her more graceless "Hey gravity, here I come!" episodes. In any case. she's fine and she really needs a bath, and she's gonna go on vacation with us instead of to the vet. If she's gonna live in a cage for 8 days, I'd rather it be a cage where I am. We have Calico's old crate, which is large for a cat, and we are planning to build a platform for it, so once we get to Jammies house, we will find a corner (Hey Jams, what about that little area by your front door? is that clear?) and set up a kitty house.

Aside from happy animal stories, I'm having an old lady day. I feel like someone kicked me all night. I need Aleve.

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