Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stepping Up or Down

The Husband's computer -- an emergency replacement when the twin to my current Acer custom job bellied up all sudden and scary one day -- is beginning to clatter and make scary noises, so he's ordered himself up a shiny new Dell with his nifty student discount. What will we do with the old one? We aren't sure yet. The last old computers we had found homes overseas and in the recycling bin, respectively, but this one is a refurbished behemoth of a laptop that seems to be developing some serious problems. Probably gift it to some struggling student to see him or her through until a new computer can be found.

The shiny side for me is that, since my lovely laptop is now nearing computer middle age (three years old! Oh no!) and has developed several keyboard peculiarities (the right side 'alt' key no longer sits correctly, for one, and I've a number of keys that require a very centered and strong tap to activate) and it has no battery power to speak of, I'm getting a little Netbook Dell Inspiron Mini. We debated the idea of just getting a new battery for Chaos (my laptop) but it is also a pain to lug around the way I am currently lugging it around. It gets REALLY hot, so I need either a lapdesk or a table for it at all times, and I'd rather just park it on its cooling pad full time. So, a fancy new Netbook is in my future. I took a look at several models, mostly for screen size and keyboard layout/size issues -- no point in buying one that I hate to type on.

It will be cherry red (wee!), with a bigger hard drive than I currently have (also !) and an external r/w CD/DVD drive and I'm thinking of names for it. In keeping with my usual computer naming scheme, it has to be either cat or disaster related (being as cats and disaster go together). The Husband's old computer was Mayhem and we've already picked a name for his new baby (Havoc).

I'm leaning toward Storm, kinda sorta.

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