Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Like Exercise

Well, if I'm going to maintain my ability to walk, I have to go to physical therapy and DO something about my knees. I have to talk with this tiny, sweet faced 20 something with off-blonde hair and blue eyes. Bless her, she didn't once call me either "Ma'am" or "Honey". She's going to make me exercise.

So, twice a week for the next few weeks, a variety of simple yet tiring exercises, and news that my kneecap tries to head for my hip when I walk. Well. Wandering Kneecaps.

If this works well and my kneecaps straighten out, good. I won't be in braces for ever. If it all works and my knees still hurt, the next step is surgery. Ok, we can deal with that. Otherwise, I'd better start looking at a stair lift or get butt bumpers, because that will be the only way I travel.

Also today, we are getting another cold front, complete with thunder storms and a chance of tornadoes. Wee! Must be spring in the Carolinas.

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