Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vegas Day 4 -- The Miracle Mile

No photos this time. Oh, we took some, but really -- do you need pictures of a mall? Even a mall with a fake sky and fake looking buildings?

Yeah, that's what we did. We walked the Miracle Mile and we looked at a lot of stuff, because that's what malls have. We found out that you can't take pictures of the weird shoes, either -- they come out to stop you. I guess someone might want to make knockoffs of those weird shoes. Hoochymama shoes, pimp shoes, shoes of impossibility, shoes of pure strangeness -- this mall has them all.

I did get some new charms for my travel charms bracelet. One store was nothing but charms.

Lots of art gallery stores, all grouped together. Jewelry stores, clothing stores (for the very skinny and the very trendy), make you stinky stores, and more shoe stores. We stopped at a place that took Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" rather literally, but the food was good and we all got drinks with little umbrellas in them. I saved the umbrellas.

Then we came back to just rest. Ahh, sitting down. I like sitting down.

Oh, also, I am 44 now. No particular deep thoughts about this. I am fatter than I've ever been, I appear to have permanent black eyes, and things hurt that I never thought about hurting, but all in all it's not so bad. I find myself now looking at those 20 years younger than me and remembering what I was like at that age, and shaking my head with a smile, knowing what I know now that would have made life easier then, and also knowing there is no way to tell that 20 something person any of it. They aren't going to listen. I know I didn't. I do sometimes wish i knew as much now as I thought I did then.

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