Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vegas Day 3 -- The Strip

Today we wandered in faked World Cities, starting with Venice.

The Venetian Hotel's shopping area had a beautiful fake sky, which always looked like just before sunset. The clouds seemed to be moving, but it was just a trick of the lighting (I spent enough time staring to prove it to myself). There was a canal and gondolas and wonderful Italian food -- it was very nice. I understand that the real Venice doesn't smell nearly as nice.
When we walked outside, I had to check the actual sky. Seriously, they did a good job on it.

Then we went to New York, New York to wander around a fake New York City. That's where Zumanity is. We saw that show -- the "adult themed" Cirque du Soleil show. Lots of raunchy humor, lots of flesh (real and illusory -- excellent body stockings used), lots of dance and suggestive activity, tons of thrills and laughs -- but not really "sexy" or "sensual". It was too scripted and the performers going through routines too familiar for that Sexy and sensual implies to me pleasure, and whatever pleasure the performers got came from doing their job and not hurting themselves, not in each other. Still, a most excellent show. I laughed until my eyes watered.

But I think I have had my fill of fake cities.

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