Monday, February 23, 2009


It is a cool 31 degrees here tonight -- nothing, I know, to you frozen tundra folks, but enough here to prompt turning on the heat. And I am pondering particular things.

Things I am pondering are that in a few short months we will have been in this place for a year. It feels reasonably like home, in that it is never really neat, we still don't file things, and there is lots of cat hair. It doesn't quite feel like home because so much stuff is still backed up in boxes in the storage units.

Which brings me to my next pondering. In May, I will only have about a year to pack up stuff in preparation for our next move, which will theoretically be in 2010. Considering how long it took me to pack up stuff LAST time, I'm wondering when I should start. The positive spin on this is 1) this is a rental so I don't have to leave the place "show ready" 2) I only have about 1/2 as much stuff to pack.

Every time I look around, I start thinking about what things I should be packing NOW, just so I can ease the burden THEN. Of course, not knowing where we will be going makes this a little complicated, as I'm not sure if we will jettison certain things (one set of book cases aren't going to survive another move, we are already certain.)

At least I have a year to think about it.

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