Friday, February 13, 2009

Last Day in Vegas

I thought I was done with the fake cities in Las Vegas, but, no. Today we wandered in Caesar's, which is a big mall that pretends it is Rome.

Yep, ancient Rome as a shopping destination. Note, another fake sky. All the big designer stores were there -- Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton -- and I think I counted 3 different Coach bag stores. The only really GOOD things we found was a Vosges store and a Sony store where I got an AC adapter for my E-book. As for the chocolate store, we spent far too much money on the most delicious stuff. Ahhh...

But, yeah, I am ready to go home. Didn't gamble so much as a penny. Casinos are, too me, nothing but noisy, gaudy, disgustingly smokey places for people to sit around looking really ugly. Yeah, something about a casino just brings out the ugly in people. Not my thing.

Quite ready to be leaving Las Vegas.

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