Monday, December 08, 2008

Once More Into the Breach

Friday night turned out a lot more fun than I expected. We went to a local restaurant called Calhoun Corners, which has been around forever -- the building has been a church, a general store, and a community center. It also burned down once and was rebuilt. The food is quite good (and far more Greek inspired than I would have expected here in the Upstate). The only downside was that half the dining area is up a flight of not-so-shallow stairs. I, of course, wore heels. Up was ok. Down was not good.

I so much need new knees. All I want for Christmas are knee braces.

Anyway, only one of Jay's lab partner's could make it, so she and her fiance met with us. The Husband and The Lab Partner would dive into discussions about school, printing technology, and so forth, requiring frequent nudges from The Fiance and me. We eventually started talking about movies, which lead to a side trip to meet her cats and his beagle, a change of clothes, and a drive to our place for movie indulgence. Singin' in the Rain has been introduced to yet another generation.

Yes, it was awkward now and again, the generational differences appearing. I am now a member of an older generation. My comfort is that, with luck, every new generation will experience this.

Apparently I did nothing horrible or embarrassing, because Lab Partner and Fiance want to do a more casual meet up this week, probably for pizza or something.

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