Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year -- Year In Review

2008 was one of those interesting years, in the Chinese sense. This seems like a good time to sum it up.

1) The Husband moved to South Carolina to start graduate school while I stayed in Florida to sell the house. I spent a lot of time with my mother in law and tried to remember how to live alone.
2) Sold the house in April.
3) Discovered just how much stuff I actually had, despite several pack-n-store trips made in 2007, as I packed for a MONTH SOLID and still didn't get it all.
4) Moved to South Carolina into a teeny rental because, well, we had to find something in 3 days right BEFORE the end of the semester.
5) Developed severe tendinitis in both arms.
6) Edited my first sold story.
7) Developed problems with my right knee.
8) Spiraled into some fairly serious depression
9) Could not get a job, could not go back to school, could not write
10) Went into therapy because killing myself was starting to look like an option
11) Discovered summer in South Carolina barely rates the name, at least in Florida terms
12) Had legitimate reason to wear a hat and gloves.
13) Adopted a fierce stray cat
14) Semi-adopted a lovy, squooshy cat that was very ill and had to be euthanized.

I think I may have cried more this year than I have since my dad died. Still not sure what to do with myself and my life, still battling the obstacles in my head that make it hard to think my way around things, still prey to days when I don't leave the couch. Still have no where to go around here and next to no local friends.

However, I don't plan to stay like this. First, knees. January starts our insurance over and I can FINALLY get some answers on what's wrong with my knees. Arthritis? Detached cartilage? Tiny demons?

Second, writing. And Reading. More of both. Have plans.

Third, since jobs are scarcer than snowflakes around here, and grad school is an expense we really can't swing right now, I'm looking at tech school. Probably too late for this semester, but I can look into it. I'm sure there's a skill or two I can add.

Otherwise, since The Husband is spending large amounts of his time at school or traveling for Tokyo or other things, I'm getting much better at being on my own. This isn't a skill I particularily wanted to revive -- I didn't get married to live on my own -- but I guess it is useful since I have no choice.

I fully expect 2009 to be a year of more changes, more loss, some gain, but change all the same. So, here we go.

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