Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Feet are Cold

The Husband has cleaned out those things Cowkitty related so I can go into the garage without pangs. I pang easily.

Everyone else is currently taking that all important late evening/before bedtime Nap. I can actually see from this spot four cats. I know two of them are not visible but are in the room -- one in the little bed under the window seat and one on the giant dog bed under the coffee table. Bea always loved Calico's big round dog bed, so I kept it when we divested of things doggish. She spends a good portion of each day in it. Pooty is on the couch. Caliban is under the couch. Ben in is the other cat bed, LaGuz is on the heated window seat (the other one, further away, is vacant for the first time in hours).

All is well in the Kitty world.

Caliban went to the vet on Monday -- a much more positive trip, really. The worst of it was when they wanted a stool sample. He has had diarhea for a while now, and with all the litter boxes used in common, it's not exactly a simple thing to 1) identify whose poo is whose 2) collect a lab worthy sample of said toxic substance. So, they took him into the back to get a sample.

He did not like this. I could hear his screams of protest. I fully expected to hear the doctor and technician scream, too, but he only managed a small bite on the tech. When they returned him to the examination room, he was NOT pleased. Luckily, there were so many noises and smells and corners to explore that he forgot about the unpleasant experience quickly, and was a very well behaved cat. He got medicine -- wheee.

Caliban has already learned to eat the Pill Pocket while spitting out the pill. Clever kitty. He's still a biter, but now he sometimes grabs, bites, then regrets the hasty decision and starts licking whatever it is he has grabbed (usually my hand). He will also cuddle for up to 5 minutes while I scratch the magic spot on his throat.

Ophelia's blood sugars, it turns out, are well in the normal range, so we have her insulin dose at the right level. She's still on a very low dose, really, but I still worry about the strain on her kidneys and other organs. Still, good news is good news. They said she stayed in the 140's the whole 5 days.

The Husband's lab partners are having an end of semester dinner thing -- with partners, it was specified -- so tomorrow I must bathe, put on nice clothes, and be social with strangers much younger than I, with whom I have little in common. Again, weee. I guess it's better than staying in the house watching old movies. A bit.

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