Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day .05

The Husband comes home this evening! Yay!

He brings with him the Mother-In-Law (MIL to you guys). Yay.

Really, I do get along with MIL. It's just this time she's planning for her own practical reasons to stay with us for about 9-10 days. YARG! Yes, it was practical for her to drive back with The Husband and yes it is practical to stay until Christmas and yes it is practical not to drive home the weekend right after Christmas, but...

We boarded Caliban. We just don't want to deal with the potential argument. So we don't get to have him for all this time (but we can visit at the vet).

The biggest thing I've worried about with MIL here in this small space is that there is that she is Activity Woman. She must be Doing Things -- and there is nothing to do. No garden, no yard, no house projects, nothing to build or plant or paint. There's no golf, no tennis. She has no friends up here. And the weather predictions are for rain, rain, wind, rain, and more rain, so even going walking with The Husband will be limited.

Ah well. We have some stuff to go back to the storage unit, so that will fill up a morning. We are planning to day trip to a few places. Other things we'd thought about will be weather dependent.

I just know from past experience that after about 4 days in tight quarters with nothing to do (at least nothing she wants to do) MIL gets irritated and bored and hard to be around. And that means she starts picking at everything and inventing things that Must Be Done.


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