Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Countdown

We've had our teeny-but-real tree up for over a week now. Presents are wrapped and tucked under it (as much as possible). Only one ornament broken via cat so far. Might be a record.

We are taking a quick trip north this weekend, to meet up with friends and see the Biltmore House all decked out and beautiful. I will take many pictures.

Sunday The Husband will fly to Florida for the whole week. Yay. Not particularly happy about this, but then, I'm rarely happy when he's out of town. In fact, I hate it greatly. But that's my lot in life. My ambitions are currently to clean the house and read a book.

When he comes back, MIL will be coming back with him for the following week, Christmas and all. Gas is so low right now ($1.44 yesterday) that we are planning several day trips. We have to. Mom likes to keep busy and there is NOTHING for her to do around here except make us crazy. No yard to mow, no house projects, nothing like that. I am sure there will be plenty of time for her to be unhappy with my lack of a job, my increased weight, my hair, the number of books I have, etc. Quite certain of all that.

What she will not have the oppotunity to be unhappy about is Caliban. Poor kitty will be at the vet for the week, just to avoid it. The Husband and I agreed that there was just no point in having to deal with it. Boarding is actually pretty cheap at our vet, and we can have him tested gain for the Feline Lukiemia and AIDS. He was out there with Cow Kitty for we don't know how long and while his first tests were negative, it doesn't hurt to check a second time. He probably won't like it much, but thus it goes. We've been told we can visit, so we just have to think of reasons to sneak off without Mom in tow. Like I said, there is not much for her to do around here, so she wants to go along on every trip to the store and errand. She even wants to go in to school with The Husband to see the lab. He wasn't planning on going in to school, but now he is.

It won't be that bad (I hope). We've got things to do lined up. I just hope she decides to leave on Friday rather than Sunday. 5 days is about max, especially in this tight space.

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