Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Today I Left the House


First -- my therapist is running a "Mindfulness" class. It's a reason to leave the house, so, heh, I'll give it a try. However, parking on the campus is nearly impossible -- there's a huge hill between the least populated parking lot and the building where the class is, so I may take the bus.

Second -- I talked to the director of the Masters in Professional Communication program today. If I take the GRE and get my application done by November 1, I will be applying for the program for Spring or possibly Summer. Of course, paying for it is a problem, since the assistantships are handed out only in the fall and most scholarships require at least one semester completed. Is this an idiot thing I'm doing? I can't help but think that I need to up my game if I want to find something besides a 'job' and maybe get into a 'career', but it may be well nigh impossible.

Not like I have had luck finding a job. I blame the President.

Anyway, it involved a lot of leaving the house.

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