Monday, October 27, 2008

About This "Seasons" Thing...

It's CHILLY today. The Weather Channel is predicting a freeze for tomorrow night.

What the HELL? It's still OCTOBER. What's this Freeze stuff? Freezes are for February.

The Husband climbed into the attic for our (small) supply of winter-type clothing. Originally I'd been thinking that most of my clothes would be fine with a sweater or a jacket. I'm rethinking that. I'm going to be packing up more summer stuff than I thought. I just don't see a lot of t-shirt and shorts weather coming up until maybe April.

However, I am well supplied with sweaters. I'm SO looking forward to wearing sweaters! Up to now, sweaters were something I needed because the A/C was set to Walt.* I have lots of sweaters. They are mostly Florida sweaters though.

Can you legitimately layer sweaters?

My feet have been cold for three days now. I keep reminding myself that it is only the end of October, as it has been JUST LIKE December/January in Florida all month -- the bright blue sky, the perfect, slightly cool temps. But it's rapidly not being like Florida. We've got a brisk north wind hitting us, and as our little townhouse is on the north end of our set, we are getting all that nice northness through the one window we have on that wall.

I bought a kitty heating pad for the cat platform on that window. It has been unoccupied perhaps 20% of the day. I can foresee needing another of those around here somewhere. The cats have decided this 'cold' thing is not popular with them. Not At All. Oh, and Caliban the New Kitty on the block has his own heater, but he is still in the garage/outdoors. More in the garage, as he's not big on this 'cold' thing either.

*Walt -- the temperature required to keep Walt Disney's frozen remains all Popsicely in the top of Cinderella's Castle.

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