Monday, September 08, 2008

Story 2

My life has rumbled down to an amazing level of nothing much happening. I don't even have the momentary interruption of Bosszilla to brighten by day (and make me question my grip on reality). He does call about once a week to say he misses me.

Another goodie of DragonCon was meeting Rachel Caine. She's not only a terrific lady, but her Weatherwarden series have completely changed how I look at weather. I can't see clouds without a brief ponder as to how mad they are.

In return for having her sign some 6 books for me, I traded my husband (well, a hand and arm massage from my husband. That's him all shirtless. Back off.)

That is her toy animatronic dinosaur. I fell in love with the toy. He moves! He blinks! He purrs! He is rechargeable!

And For Le Becs: Men In Kilts

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whall said...

I can't see animatronic dinosaurs without thinking of the blood-sucking lawyer in Jurassic Park, when he's asking about the workers during the tour.