Monday, September 15, 2008


I just read it on someone's blog. "Staying in my comfort zone is what it's all about."

And I realized that, for me at least, that's exactly what I've been doing and it's making me crazy. No, seriously, it's all bad for me.

Perhaps it is because I've been pushed so far out of my familiar life. The Husband remarked the other day, when talking about how my direction sense is confused because I no longer live in a house that faces north or south. The last 20 years of my life were spent oriented that way -- really, straight on the north/south. Dad's house faced north, our home in Florida faced south. Before that, I lived in an east facing house. That's the house I was an upset, unsettled, slightly crazy teenager. Before that I don't remember.

Anyway, I had oriented the places in my life on that north/south axis. In my mind, when trying to imagine a route somewhere, I faced south or north.

Now, we face east. The driveway is on the east side. I can't get my thinking reoriented.

And my husband said "Our entire lives have been turned 90 degrees. Not 180 degrees -- we aren't going in the opposite direction. We are going on an entirely new angle."

Which is why I'm thinking about comfort zones. I've built myself a little cocoon here. It was necessary, I think. But now it's tight in here. It's suffocating. I need to get out.

Butterfly? Maybe not. But something with wings would be nice.

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