Thursday, September 25, 2008


Three things.

1) Applied for a job that might be a bit above my actual skill levels. Did it anyway. That's six jobs I've applied for at Clemson. Still nothing back on any of them, which I am told is normal. HR there moves at a glacial pace (pre Global warming).

2) Inquired about the Master's Degree in Professional Communications. The Husband pointed out the proper person to contact and helped with the letter. No vomiting.

3) The Husband also suggested I keep the depressing stuff off the writing blog, so I removed a post I'd made about how I didn't know what to write in the blog. I replaced it today with a very neutral (aka, damn boring) post about my current project.

Now to see if anything comes of this sudden burst of energy.

In other news, I've misplaced whatever sense of humor I had. I think I need to make cakes.

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