Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Up All NIght

I love my cats. I love my cat Ophelia.

However, I don't feel so special about her today. She wasn't feeling so well last night, so she wanted to be next to me. I put a pillow on the couch for her delicate fatness. About midnight, she vomited on it. Usually when a cat vomits, they are all better afterwards.

So I went to bed. As usual, she followed. And vomited on my pillow.

I threw that pillow on the floor and got another. About an hour later, she vomited on that one. I went to sleep in the guest room.

We have the cruelest guest room bed ever. It really is only a couch. Sorry, Mom.

So I am sleepy and grouchy this morning. Ophelia, on the other hand, is napping. Damn cat.

1 comment:

whall said...

"Delicate fatness"

I can't wait to use this new phrase.