Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Not Much

Therapy moves along. In the usual way of therapy, I'm running up against stuff I really thought I'd settled long ago. Feh.

Day to day life doesn't change much.

I'm reading again. I finished Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett (eh) and am now reading World War Z (zombies!). It feels good to read. It feels good to have some focus.

This breeze through the window feels really good, too. We shut the house up earlier in the week and turned on the AC, not because of the heat, but because of Mysterious Toilet Stink coming from somewhere outside.

I have to post photos of the roses. They look great.

That is all.

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whall said...

Wee have a 1500gal septic with aerator sprays. It doesn't stink often, thank goodness, but when it does, it's time for that special phone call to our local septic maintainer...