Tuesday, July 22, 2008

By the Numbers

1) Back from Jammiesfest. Was fun. The drive back -- not so fun. I drove most of the way and my right leg/ankle swelled.

2) House is a mess.

3) Went to see doctors yesterday -- a therapist to see about possibly going back on anti-depressants and an MD to find out what is making my knees, especially my right knee, hurt so much on stairs and inclines. Going from mildest to most severe, we are starting with a diagnosis of "bursitis" and anti-inflammatory meds. If that doesn't work, next are x-rays to look for bone spurs or cartilage loss. As for the first, that remains to be seen. The psychologist we talked with looked straight out of 1968 -- long grey hair and beard, very relaxed clothing (no tie dye) but I liked him.

4) Have nifty thing/project, but now that I am limited going up and down stairs, it will have to wait.

5) Potential semi-social/total geekery in the offing.

Lots of catching up to do, and it's freaking damn HOT this week -- sort of like Florida all summer crammed into a few days.

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