Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meet the Vet

Today was "Met the New Vet" day -- hauling all five cats to the new veterinarian. Not QUITE as close as our old vet by about 3 minutes, but still an easy drive. Everyone is apparently in good health. LaGuz, the oldest, is obviously on the downhill slide, but at 17 I can't say it isn't expected. Nothing seriously wrong at the moment, but some time in the next year or two she could develop any number of problems. Or she could do like my old cat Precious did and toddle along fine and dandy until the day she decides to die. As pet deaths go, that's my preferred. Our goal is to keep her happy and comfortable until that moment, when ever that is.

To that end, we bought some special cat milk that's supposed to help with joint inflammation and so forth (for her and Ophelia, who are the only milk drinkers in the first place) and some tarter control catfood we can dole out as treats (already quite popular with Pooty, for whom it is intended -- everyone else's teeth are fine). Pooty also has a hairball stuck inside, for which we have meds already, but it explains some violent vomiting yesterday (I still haven't gotten the stain out of the carpet).

Between dragging cats from under furniture, several trips up and down the stairs, hauling cats, holding cats, and soothing assorted cats, we forgot to get their toenails clipped, so we have to do that tonight. I'm already tired and the day doesn't look promising for getting anything else done. I'll decide this afternoon.

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whall said...

Our dog's nickname was Pooter. Actual name Nitro, but Pooter to close friends.

Half the time it was lengthened to "pooter-butt".