Monday, June 09, 2008

How to Earn Husband Points

The Husband earned himself some points on Sunday. Part of our plan to economize is to use our Netflix account instead of buying DVDs or going to movies. We have a nice, cheap Netflix account that allows us unlimited streaming of all their "instant play" stuff, which is a pretty nice collection. The crux of this plan was to hook the old desk top computer to the flat screen TV we got the Christmas before last, since we didn't need to hook printers to the desk top anymore (which is good, because, in computer years, the desk top is a senior citizen).

So, The Husband set about making this come to pass. The center of the plan was a sexy new wireless keyboard . However, after a first connection, the desk top refused to have anything to do with our wireless network. He fought with it for a few hours, then remembered we have a long, long, long, LONG network cable. He pinned that neatly down the stairwell and along the ground floor ceiling.

Now I can sit on the couch with the keyboard on my knees, cruise movies on Netflix and other locations, and feel very 21st century. Oh, and he gets Husband Points.

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whall said...

Yeah, but he'd get _more_ points if he pre-populated the queue with Joy Luck Club, Steel Magnolias, Beaches, etc, right?