Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big Doin's (not)

My days progress in such a dull, similar pattern that it hardly seems worth reporting. Yesterday I found the bank and made deposits, mailed stuff, and went to Wal-Mart. That afternoon, I didn't make it to the pharmacy to pick up cat meds because our neighbor 2 doors down came in desperation to my door -- her garage was invaded with THE ANTS, her young son was asleep upstairs, her husband is deployed, and she needed ant-killer. She's allergic to the things and the hives were already all over her arms. So, after some hunting around, I found our bottle and she went forth with vengeance on her mind. When she returned, we talked a bit in that way people who have little interaction with the world will talk to each other. We have little in common except a lack of people to talk with.

Not much showing up on the jobs front. Summer in this area is slow, and the university won't be putting up its job postings until July. This didn't stop me from hitting the mall on Sunday for more "work clothes" -- and plunge bras that come complete with their own little air filled "enhancers". I tried one on under a top I was considering. The Husband approved. It's the first time in years he's shown interest in any lingerie I wore. I bought two. I didn't find out about the little air filled extras until I got them home and decided to wash them. The "extras" went into the drawer, but I'm keeping them. The bras don't fit right otherwise, nyah.

The discovery led to a little discussion with The Husband about bras and "false advertising", after which we concluded that all clothing can classify as "false advertising" -- wear the right clothes (good fit, good color/pattern/cut, right underthings) and you look better than you would naked. Wrong choices can make you look far worse. Only very specific things will make you look exactly as you look naked, only not naked (like that see-through suit the alien kidnappers made the Stainless Steel Rat wear in one or the other book).

All of this has lead me to a deep consideration of my wardrobe. I have a closet of very nice, well fitting and reasonably flattering clothes, almost none of which I've worn in the past 2 months. Instead, I live in a small collection of shorts and T shirts, some of which are approaching "ratty". Why? Because on any given day, I am cleaning litter boxes, planting flowers, toting boxes, vacuuming, ironing, assembling/disassembling furniture, or sorting things in dusty boxes -- none of which I am going to do in heels and dry-clean-only. Nevertheless, it bothers me that everything that fulfills my clothing needs in the "nice clothes" department is either black or white. I go looking for color and pattern -- I find black, white, and solids. I don't get it. I spent years trying to weed overwhelming black from my closet -- in the early 90s, I had gone unintentionally Goth except for the black fingernails (rare then) and the LJ(didn't exist). Now, I'm being forced back.

Last thing to note is I have joined Title Trader, a nifty little system for changing your stuff around. That is, you can list your books, DVDs, CDs, or whatever for trade to other people. You pay to mail it, and you get points that you can use to get other stuff from other people who will pay to mail it to you. It's not so bad, really. I'm unloading stuff I don't want and looking for things I do -- technically not buying new books or DVDs. If I don't use up my points for myself, I may use them to get gifts at Christmas.

Yeah, I'm cheap like that. I am thinking about another of those bras.

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whall said...

I'm with you on the 'right' clothes.

btw, and this may be TMI and worthless coming from a male, but I have it on good authority that a custom-fit bra beats anything. They are very expensive but I've heard it's well worth it.