Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Husband earned more points.

We have auto-watering fountains both upstairs and down. The upstairs one is in my bathroom. Last night I went to fill it. When I picked up the reservoir, little black ants crawled on the plastic. They massed under the lid. I noticed something black in the bowl -- ants. They filled the water fountain inside. They were all over the sink vanity. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of little black, crawly, uninvited ants. There's no food in the bathroom. They were just after the water.

We'd been invaded.

The Husband swung into battle. Armed with ant killer spray (they tried to invade the garage and our patio earlier) he hunted ants everywhere. He found mini-nests inside the waterer's plastic body and under the tray where I keep my hair bands. Little black corpses littered the floor and the sink.

We aren't sure why they chose my upstairs bathroom, except that there is a drain pipe on the outside of the wall. He checked everywhere he thought they could be. So far, no more nests.

However, we both feel completely crawly.

Update: Scott, look here for the fountains. We haven't had any feline urinary tract problems since we got them, so I'm saying they are all good (and much cheaper than vet visits).

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whall said...

We've never had ant problems but we have scorpions, spiders and weevils.

I think I'd rather have ants.