Friday, May 02, 2008

Transitional Stage

We closed on the house today.

Packing, as I should have expected, took a day and a half longer than planned, and required changing out trailers for a truck and a car tow, and a last minute desperation call for friends who could carry things.

Tomorrow we pack up the cats (who have been living on MIL's screened in porch and liking it) and head northward. The Husband will drive the truck with the tow. I'll be in the van with a 14 foot trailer. I'll be freaking out softly for about 9-10 hours, along with the cats.

Not that I haven't been freaking for weeks now.

I am so sore, but so relieved.

1 comment:

whall said...

Let's hear it for milestones!

So much better than kidney stones.