Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Talk Television

So little and yet so much to talk about. If you aren't me, most of what goes on is boring, but I'll tell you about it anyway because otherwise, I have nothing about which to talk. I'll start with the TV.

We had two TVs in the old house -- bedroom and family room. Pretty average for most households. The bedroom TV lived in a big armoir we bought second hand, while the family room flat screen lived on a large credenza style table. The credenza was repurposed for the new house as a hall table for all the stuff you drop when you come into the house. The old armoir is heading for consignment, and we have a new corner armoir for the flat screen.

Originally we weren't going to have a bedroom TV. The Husband had protested the whole bedroom TV idea for some time, and there was no good spot for a TV in the new room anyway. I was resigned to fulfilling my TV addiction downstairs. MIL loaned us a 13 inch set she had that she wasn't using so that I couldhave a TV upstairs to watch while I ironed (ironing being intolerable without distraction and me not wanting to haul clothes downstairs to iron and then back upstairs to put away -- see? Braims. I haz 'em). This TV would live near the laundry area, not in the bedroom. So, the big 29 inch TV would be given to a TV-less friend and all would be well.

There's no TV hook up in the hall where the laundry is. The nearest is in the bedrooms on either end of the house, neither of which is logically or easily available to the hallway. So, toss that idea. We discussed, among many things, just not having a TV upstairs or just having it on a DVD player. This didn't bother me. After hauling a few things up our new stairway, I didn't want the 2-ton TV from Heck upstairs anyway. It would be stored until the friend could get it.

Then, on the second night after the move, I hear sounds of anger and pain from the stairway. The Husband is hauling the 29 inch TV upstairs. I asked why. The answer received demonstrated the magic of marital communication -- in other words, neither of us knew what the other was talking about. Somehow, The Husband had hardwired into his head that I would die if we had no TV in the bedroom (as I have had a TV in my bedroom since age 3, when my dad won a little B/W set in a contest and my Mom put it on top of my dresser, that might be true.) I denied having demanded the TV upstairs. He denied my denial. We glared. Then his testosterone took over and he hauled it the rest of the way up. We then heaved it onto our chest of drawers, a large, almost 6 foot high piece of furniture we had wrestled upstairs earlier.

I could feel the eye of Big Brother on me. The TV towered a good 2 feet over my head. I was ooked. The Husband was ooked. This was not going to work.

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, as we had another of those Magical Marital conversations, but the idea of a small flatscreen in the bedroom appeared and became a fuzzy, unspecific plan. As we drove yesterday to Circuit City to exchange something for the computer system, the TV came up as a more solid, reality based plan. One more time I voiced my assertion that the little TV would be fine. I could live with a 13 inch screen. He countered that, from the top of the chest, the 13 inch would be nearly invisible.

I got suspicious. Why was the man who denied any interest in television, who had not pulled the 13 inch to watch while in his student apartment for 4 months, who protested having a TV in the bedroom at all, suddenly hot for a new flatscreen? I still don't know for sure. Yes, I know that pleasing me is part of it, but only part.

So, we hunted down a 19 inch flatscreen. We found one at a reasonable price, about $330. Then, because we agreed to buy the floor model, the price dropped to $149. The Husband almost danced. The man loves his tech toys, and he loves a bargain. Combining the two brings him a level of pleasure rarely equaled.

So now the big TV sits on the bedroom floor until The Husband gets another testosterone rush and carries it down. The new flatscreen sits modestly on the chest. The Husband is playing music from the satellite system through it.

Talk Radio. Music Television. Life is interesting, even when it looks boring. I must unpack more boxes.

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Do you need a place to put the TV? :)