Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm Tired, Sick and Tired of Love...

It takes forever to move into a new house. Tomorrow will be day 7. The kitchen is mostly assembled. I'm squeezing every inch of storage space I can get. We are looking at pot racks for the big, blank, useless wall at one end. The refrigerator is much smaller than the space it occupies, but a little TOO big for the average rolling storage rack to slide in beside it (by about 3 inches, darn it).

The bedroom is almost done -- we put in a closet kit to increase the very tight space. Now we just have to put all the clothes away, and figure out our shoe storage (not quite enough left over room in the closet -- did I mention it's a very tight space?) The bathrooms are getting organized, as is the laundry. Right now our living room is the real hell hole -- no furniture, and a lot of boxes. That's supposed to change today.

My legs are still hurting, especially my feet and ankles. I say 'feh' and I take my Aleve.

The Husband is getting his summer semester set up, the cats are finding all the best nap spots, and I have accomplished next to nothing today, which isn't productive but feels pretty good. I have made enough trips to Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Lowes, Target, and Circuit City to last me for a while. We are going to get some bookshelves out of storage today (yay!).

The PODS arrived yesterday. So far, neither of us has had the guts to open it. My piano must come out first, and we need help to move it -- he can't move it alone and I'm not much help. But we have to open it soon. Too much of my life is in there to wait longer.

The best thing has been the weather. Cool and breezy all day, with soft rain at night. That's hardly real. It's May and I'm not even THINKING about turning on the A/C. Incredible.

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