Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Darling Buds of May

are shaking and shivering. It's windy and rainy today, which has limited moving activity.

Nothing to say but the news. We have a living room, sort of. We have two chairs and a love seat and a coffee table. That's all we can squeeze in. Oh, and an ottoman on pure optimism. Shelves are in place and hold a random collection of books, pictures, lamps, mop buckets, empty boxes, full boxes, and dust.

The PODS is about 1/2 empty, and the NEW storage unit is just beginning to fill. In a few weeks we will start shifting assorted items around between assorted storage units until we get all the delicate stuff into a climate controlled unit (my piano, paintings that won't go in here, books, that sort of thing) and the rest nestled snuggly into a regular unit, by which time I hope we will be back to just 2 storage units.

Oh, we have patio furniture. Yes, we bought one of those "all in one box" sets, assembled it, and snuggled it together on the patio. So, last night we had one fantastic thunderstorm to get it all nice and soaked. The thunder woke me up and made me ponder if the warning of a tornado was worth being annoyed by the weather radio until the announcement. There's really no place to go in this little house, which is NOT made of cinder block or brick and has no basement or safe room or even a decent closet on the ground floor. In truth, a strong wind and some hail would reduce this place to so many toothpicks and puffs of cat hair.

I'll just hope the storms don't come here. I really don't feel up to dealing with it. And what the hell is it with "Arctic Winds" and 58 degrees? It's MAY! I checked.

Meanwhile, I am daydreaming at Jackson Perkins. I am going to have a little garden, one way or another. Currently, I am planning on a Don Juan, a Jubilee Celebration, a Christopher Marlowe, a Purple Tiger, a Cherries 'n' Cream, and whatever I can find that's blue. Space is highly limited and everything must go into a pot, but I can deal. I also have herbs growing in my little Aerogarden -- well, little sprouts of basil and thyme and dill. I am all gardenery.

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