Friday, May 16, 2008


The Husband is back in Florida for a few days, so I'm alone in the new place. Mostly I take it easy. Well, I'm not doing the heavy hauling we have been. It is so nice not to move furniture.

Yesterday I unpacked bags of clothes, ironed, sorted, and found space in our closet. We installed a closet kit several days ago which almost doubled the space. We will now have the whole wardrobe cycle, but The Husband put more floor and some shelves into the attic, so we can get to all that. I did the rest of the clothes today. We'll have to use one of the guest closets to hang formal stuff I don't want to fold up, but that can't go into the closet.

It's so much more complicated now. I'll actually have winter clothes.

I also went through and did a big "What Not To Wear" thing on my closet. I've been watching the show a lot lately, and it inspired me to toss out stuff I haven't worn in years or stuff I really shouldn't wear. I now have a very nice selection of work and going out clothes, with a few "dressy casual" outfits. Of course, I still have my giant collection of baggy t-shirts and shorts, none of which would get Stacy and Clinton's approval, but they are great for unpacking boxes and hanging in the house.

Which is all I am doing. I haven't left the house to do more than move the car into the driveway after the PODS left. So we are officially moved in. I haven't quite worked up the courage/energy to get in the car and go anywhere, mostly because I still don't know where things are. There is a downside to The Husband knowing this area while I don't -- he not only tends to drive more, but when I do drive with him, he's constantly confusing me. For instance, the other day we drove from our house to campus to our storage unit, then we had to go back to campus. Did we go back the same way we came? NOoooooo, no no foolish mortal. We went another way. It seems we do that every time we have to make a round trip like that. HE says it's because the roads are all triangles. I think it's just another mental game. So I'm staying home. Gas is too expensive to go wandering until I figure out where things are.

Oh, and I'm going to get myself a map. Until then, I'm busy in the closet.

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whall said...

I still can't see the word PODS without thinking of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original version)