Sunday, April 06, 2008


The moving moves along. I'd show pictures of the boxes and empty shelves, but they look exactly like boxes and shelves everywhere during a move -- bits of dried dead bug, streaks of dust, and emptiness.

My ever helpful MIL (and that's not sarcastic) is about to help me go crazy (that is sarcastic). MIL seems to feel that EVERYTHING SHOULD BE PACKED TODAY, not realizing quite enough that I'm here ALL the time, not just the few hours she shows, and that I don't want to live the next three weeks in an echoing house. I don't intend a lot of last minute packing -- I hate last minute panic -- but I'm doing a little at a time so I can adjust.

And, honestly, some things I just don't quite know how to pack. Like electronics. First, finding boxes that fit is a bit problematic. Second, can you pack more than one thing in a box? Everything of that ilk is going into the trailer, not the Pod, since the Pod People (*snigger*) don't like electronics in their Pods for liability reasons.

Saying, or even typing, the word Pod three times in a row makes me giggle. Yes, I'm in a sad state.

I've been watching old movies, too. I had myself a mini Thelma Ritter festival last night -- Daddy Long Legs, The Mating Season and All About Eve. I would have watched A Letter To Three Wives if I hadn't gone to sleep. I tried watching With a Song in My Heart last week, but I couldn't make it through the soap opera plot. I also caught bits and pieces of Monkey Business yesterday. I'll have to sit through the whole thing sometime.

Quickie quiz/IMDB search -- Monkey Business also featured actors from All About Eve and The Mating Season (and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which I've seen too many times.) Who are they?

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